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This site contains Sheven & Connie's photos from our trip, along with entries from our travel journal. Sheven bought the journal in Beijing, and Connie decided to write in it as well. In this website, Sheven's writings are presented in blue and Connie's in brown.

Much information about China is available; where applicable I have placed a hyperlink into my text that will take you to an external site to provide historical, geological, or other background information. Please visit these links, as they provide an invaluable context to understanding the images we present.

Two girls, two weeks, way too much luggage.


Saturday 10.22.2005: Sheven arrive in San Diego. With homework.
Sunday 10.23.2005: Leave for China at 1am. LAX to PEK. Long, long ride on a leaky plane, with no individual TV screens, but surprisingly the service was tolerable. Much disappointed at food as other Asian airline usually provide quite good food.
Connie: I'm serious about the leakage. Water was dripping on Sheven's shoulder until a kind Chinese passenger, evidently used to this sort of thing, passed Sheven a wad of paper towels to block up the crack in the cabin paneling of the plane. I nearly cried out, "Dios Mio, we're all going to die!" upon this, but everyone else on the plane was perfectly calm, so I decided against hysteria as I did not wish to before we were even in China.